Who are we?

IT Solutions Provider

Sentience Techno-Management Solutions offers new prospective and innovative ideas to the growing world. Sentience use powerful tools of technology to keep pace with the global demands. We face the challenges set forth and thrive everyday to impact the lives of millions with passion, integrity and responsibility. Sentience Techno-Management Solutions is driven to help your business to obtain your goal and beyond. Sentience specializes in promotion of small business through various tools and technologies. We provide complete solution to your business need to attract more costumers and more importantly smart costumers. Sentience also provides opportunity to innovative student to work in their field of interest providing various internships and externships from application development to marketing strategies. Sentience Techno-Management Solutions is a established company serving the community and small/large businesses. With an innovative idea to reach costumers and promote their business, Sentience helps businesses set a goal and provide resources to fulfill those goals. Currently Sentience is making applications for business and providing internships and professional practical training to the students who prove us to be creative, innovative and competitive. Shortly, Sentience is planning on providing various educational practical training and consultation on future technologies and career change. In an effort to getting closer to community Sentience will be offering various trainings and business ideas.

IT Solutions

Sentience Techno-Management Solutions has multiple years of experience and expertise in developing custom software solutions on multiple technology platforms. Our development methodology, design, development and testing processes are custom fitted to each every client’s needs to deliver them high quality products within budget and in time. The following variables are varied according to client’s and project’s needs. Development methodology: Iterative, Agile, Waterfall Project Artifacts:Project Management Plan, Business Requirements Document, Functional Requirements Document, Software Architecture Document, Software Design Document, Test Plan Matrix, etc. Project costs:Fixed cost, Time & Material Delivery models:Onsite, onshore offsite, offshore, onshore/offshore While there is not one model that fits all needs, Sentience Techno-Management Solutions works with the client to come up with a project plan that fits client’s requirements, time and budget. Contact Sentience Techno-Management Solutions today to learn more and get started.

Our Consultant

Sentience’s consultants are an integral part of our business and as such Sentience give undue importance to ensure high quality IT consultancy services. Our IT consultants are the best in the world. We make every effort that our consultants, including IT consultants are paid on time and that they work on challenging projects. Sentience make sure that they are satisfied professionally by working for us. Such a HR approach would ensure quality services that Sentience Techno-Management Solutions is known for. Our IT consultancy placement service is known to provide the best IT consultants as well as other consultancy and technical services. Make it a point to send your resume to Sentience at hr@sentiencetms.com. We will then accordingly contact you and provide you with a job that is tailored to skills. We lay much emphasis on regular updates to our database to ensure that you have the latest information regarding job opportunities. It does not matter whether you go in for long-term or short-term assignments, we concentrate on challenging career positions that are available in major industries.

Do get in touch with us and see for yourself!

Talent Acquisition

Having more than 6 years of experience in IT Services, Sentience Techno-Management Solutions built proven Talent Acquisition Methodologies, collectively called STAM, which are industry-specific as well as technology-specific.  STAM enables our customers bring the best talent on board. Sentience understands what it takes to deliver a successful project. High-tech systems can’t achieve business results unless the workers that develop, customize and use them are in sync. Sourcing IT projects with talented workers can yield best results when the workers strike the balance between technical skills and soft skills. We have built a home-grown resume base of 10,000 IT workers. Time is of essence in recruiting the best candidates. Since the database has complete tracking record of prior checks, it reduces sourcing turnaround time significantly. Hiring team at Sentience Techno-Management Solutions subjects the applicants through multi-level screening that includes technical check, soft skills check and thorough background check before bringing them onboard. Our background verification process includes employment verification, education valuation, reference checks, drug tests, credit checks and criminal check based on the requirements of our customers.

Our approach

Sentience Techno-Management Solutions leave no stone unturned when we take you on as a client. Depending on your needs, we’ll perform any or all of the following:

  • Thorough analysis of your business’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Competitive analysis of others in your space
  • Industry trends analysis and forecast
  • Market opportunities analysis

This work culminates in our major deliverable: a detailed company action plan that puts you on the road to achieving both your long and short-term business goals.

Get to know the excellent award winnng team of Sentience Techno-Management Solutions that’s committed to your company’s success.

Strategic IT Outsourcing

Speed, flexibility, and round-the-clock productivity are the hallmarks of Sentience Techno-Management Solutions’ outsourcing services. Our fast and flawless on-site, off-site, “offshore delivery” model lends itself to a full spectrum of outsourcing services — from applications maintenance, development, and modernization to full technology outsourcing, including data center operations.

There has been a trend in recent years to leverage global resources by looking beyond national boundaries to service IT needs. Leveraging international resources to solve our clients’ business issues is not new to us. Sentience’s partners in South Asia has state-of-the-art development facilities and predefined development environments and is considered the ‘crown jewel’ of Sentience Techno-Management Solutions and a key differentiator. It boasts our Center for Software Excellence (CSE) that allows projects to be productive from day one and insulates clients from the turmoil of on-site development. Our offshore CSE offers the following capabilities for our clients:

24/7/365 Application Support Services

Application Migration and Porting Services

Custom Application Development

Full Application Development and Maintenance Outsourcing

Full Application Re-engineering Services

Although all of our services can be accomplished in our CSE here in the United States, Sentience Techno-Management Solutions’ clients gain significant added value by leveraging our offshore capabilities. Offshore services allow our clients to have the right resources at the right time and at the right cost.

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