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Pankaj Karna

Lead Partners Management, Customer Service


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Lead HR/Sales Management


Sage Basnet

Sr. Manager



Customer Service Lead, Technology Support Rep


Nisha Khadka

Accounting and Customer Service Rep

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Sr. Java Developer_ Linda Johns

Project: HRM CortanaSync Master Client: Microsoft Experience: 15+ Years SPSP Certified, ISO 9000 423 Valley Ln, Dallas, Texas 75064 Email: jlinda@gmail.com Phone: 469 765 5423 MBA • Over 15+ Years of extensive experience as a multi-tier Web based client server...

Resume Optimization

Important 3 tricks which may land you a Job immediately: It is important that all candidates and applicants must understand few items about their resume even before starting to distribute to new employers or their jobs. You resume doesn’t have to very creative or...

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Learn from the top thought leaders in the industry.

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