Professional Training

Learn to be real professional!
Sentience TMS is proud to announce that we are starting new batches of Business Analysis Training, Quality Assurance Training, SharePoint (.NET) Training Programs. This is a professional training to enhance the Business Analysis knowledge and improve your chances of success in your Business Analysis assignment.  We specialize in providing Professional Training(s) and Career Development Programs… ** Offers for you will be disclosed via automatic reply as soon as you submit this request of inquiry (form below). Offer may change if not activated (or enrolled) within the time specified in the automatic reply email. You will have to resubmit the enrollment request or simply contact your instructor for current offers.

What is so GREAT about US as your Career Trainers?

All our instructors are over 8 years of experienced professional in Sr. Project Managers, Sr. Business Analysts, Sr. Quality Analysts, Sr. Developers, Sr Admins…

We specialize in the Professional training & conferences.

We have been training employees of our partners for last 6 years. Contact us if you want to be our partner!
**Plus, we have other batches coming up for DBA, VMware and Java.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us!

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